Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude Day(s)?

yep. Now I am so far behind it is embarrassing. This silly head cold has me all distracted and lethargic. Not a very good excuse, I know. I have a couple of pretty straightforward exclamations of gratitude though. The first is for our good friend who helped my Dear Husband wade through removing all the valuable files from our PC harddrive. I am grateful beyond words that the post office and paypal allow me to print shipping labels so I don't have to stand in the growing lines at the post office and last but not least I am so incredibly grateful to the farmers here in Colorado who grew the delicious organic beets and apples we have been enjoying. Who would ever have thought that my little guy would love vegetables and fruit so much. I guess that is another thing to be extremely grateful for.

I am busy knitting as always but will hopefully have some new bowls and cozies to share with you very soon. I should be running a felting wash this very night and am really excited about what will come out of it.

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