Monday, March 31, 2008

This was a milestone weekend. My little boy went to his Grandma's house and we took down his crib and replaced it with a super stylie race car bed! He hasn't gotten out of it since he got home a couple of hours ago. It is just that cool!
I posted 2 new things on Etsy this weekend but haven't had a chance until now to post about them here. Both of these, just like the tulip pouch had been made awhile back but no one was interested in them Plain Jane so I have given them some pretty flowers. Click here to see the listings: Pink or Peach.
I am also proud to announce that I have been accepted into the Etsy Needle-felt (NFEST) Street Team! I am so pleased because I truly feel like my art is progressing through my needle-felting and to be part of a group that revolves around this art will be a great deal of fun. Needle-felting is a relatively new art and there are several ways you can use it for instance, check out RoseThistleArtworks to see the possibilities of 3-dimensional sculpture. Some artists also use it like paint on a canvas like this wonderful artist: Deebs.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Fever

My son has officially turned 3. If I weren't so concerned about his well-being I would probably open the front door and tell him to "be free!" But I have to wait a few years for that I guess. He also isn't taking naps anymore although he is obviously tired. Why am I telling you all this? Mostly because he is also hanging on me and following me around which is not especially conducive to using felting needles. I am getting zero, zilch, nada done today.
Have I mentioned how positively super my neighbor Graham is? Our sons were born 3 days apart so on these sunny days we spend a lot of time chasing the kids around one yard or another. Plus he is a stupendous photographer. He has been helping me with my product pics for the last year or so on and off. Check out what we have done lately!
Here is what I have listed I listed this lovely little Lavender Tulip Purse in my Etsy Store today it is the perfect thing for spring or whenever really.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zen Shorts

I am going to fight the urge to go work in my garden right now and finish some needle-felting projects. Should have them finished and posted tomorrow.
Seamus turned 3 this weekend and he received, among his plethora of presents, a wonderful book: Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth. (Thanks Grandma Joy!) It is a Caldecott Honor book and is fabulous! This story from the book especially hit home and I thought I would share.

A Heavy Load
Two traveling monks reached a town where there was a young woman waiting to step out of her sedan chair. The rains had made deep puddles and she couldn't step across without spoiling her silken robes. She stood there looking very cross and impatient. She was scolding her attendants. They had nowhere to place the packages they held for her, so they couldn't help her across the puddle.
The younger monk noticed the woman, said nothing, and walked by. The older monk quickly picked her up and put her on his back, transported her across the water, and put her down on the other side. She didn't thank the older monk, she just shoved him out of the way and departed.
As they continued on their way, the young monk was brooding and preoccupied. After several hours, unable to hold his silence, he spoke out. "That woman back there was very selfish and rude, but you picked her up on your back and carried her! Then she didn't even thank you!"
"I set the woman down hours ago," the older monk replied. "Why are you still carrying her?"

Friday, March 21, 2008


I guess it was only a matter of time, like jury duty. I have been tagged by eighty8Words and I can't help but pass it on. So humor me if you will I am new to this world of blog here on the interweb.

The rules of tagging are as follows:

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1~ I haven't played my guitar in at least 4 months and I haven't played a gig (except Christina and Walker's wedding) in 2 years. However, someone asks me where I am playing or how the music is going at least once a week. I won't deny that is nice to hear that people remember my music. Thanks!

2~ Why did someone have to invent the Cadbury egg? And how can I possibly love something that looks like a raw egg?

3~I tried to knit at the bar one time when my hubby and I went out for lunch. He told me I had to put it away... I can't help it if I look for every available opportunity to stitch can I? He is usually pretty tolerant of my habits but I guess I crossed the line that day.

4~I can't sit through scary movies. The violent ones are tricky too.

5~ Reciprocally I Love hockey and I am pretty sure part of that has to do with the fights. Besides, guys with missing teeth and permanently crooked noses are hot!

6~I have a phobia of knitting anything large for example the sweater I have been drooling over in this spring's Interweave Knits. But, my husband called me out on it yesterday and said I lacked the commitment for a project that big! Well, I'll show him!

So I am passing this on to:

Alpaca Granny
Black Mustard
Rita Booke
mk carroll
Meri Greenleaf
Velma's World

I have chosen all Etsyfast gals. Check out their blogs! Check out their stores! They are all tremendously talented artists.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring-a-ling

Golly! It has almost been a week since I have checked in here in Blogville. Where to begin? First of all, I have a few pictures to share from our St. Patrick's Day parade. It was a pretty day and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
I sold my Frog Prince and Cattail bowls almost immediately and I have decided to attribute that to my neighbor Graham's fabulous photo taking. He is a seasoned people photographer but has been helping me with some of my product photos. Good eye Graham!
Next, I walked out of my front door this morning and was greeted by my first blooms! These crocuses must have a calendar down there somewhere because yes this is the first day of Spring.
For some reason this glorious sight motivated me to run my felting wash: 5 large bowls, 1 small, 1 chocolate brown clutch/pouch and 2 experimental business card pouches.
Finally, the boy went to Grandma's for an overnight and I took the time by myself this afternoon to blast the Street Dogs and finish my Cattail bag once and for all. So here it is.
I tried a new loop/button construction and the button itself was made specifically for the bag by my Mother in Law Carol. She doesn't have many buttons in her Etsy Shop right now but I am sure she would love to make some to order for you.
Thanks for checking in with me! I know I have been delinquent and I will try harder to post more often.

Also: I posted the pictures in the wrong order. Sorry. Won't happen again:-)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love a Parade

I haven't been posting much this week. Trying to get a custom order done and out the door. Hopefully today~
I did receive my wonderful Rumpelstiltskin yarn from WhorlingTides and it really is as wonderful as the pictures. I am in the process of deciding what to make with it. I am always up for suggestions. Originally I was thinking a lacy hat, but now I am thinking some sort of lacy skinny scarf. Definitely needs to be lacy though.
Last but not least, today is our St. Patrick's Day Parade. Seamus is a big fan of musical instruments and is really excited to see the Pipes and Drums. I will post some pictures if I can get good ones.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Challenge

Oh my, I just read Sunday's post and it ended with one big unfulfilled promise! To be fair to myself, I did finish 2 bowls. On Monday I enlisted my talented photographer neighbor to help me with better quality pictures. He did a fantastic job as you will see. I did post my Etsyfast March Challenge yesterday. My husband came home from work early to get homework done and he let me have a few minutes on the computer in between to do it (Thanks Honey). The theme is Fairy Tales. I stared at my pile o' bowls for a spell and then realized that the blue one looked like water and what better to go in there than the Frog Prince himself awaiting a kiss. The second bowl is another in my Cattail series. I also a a purse in the queue that will eventually have cattails as well plus my favorite buttons hands down yet that SunshineCarol has created for me! Give her shop a look-see if you get a chance. Her reclaimed mosaic glass windows are gorgeous.

Last but not least, I am guessing no-one is interested in a Pay - It- Forward right now. I will give it a couple more days and then I suppose I will put my cute little surprises on the back burner and try again down the road.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pay It Forward

Ok, so way back in January when I first started my blog I was recipient of a Pay if Forward from my wonderful friend Nona over at Everyday Yogini. She received a gift from Shannon at The Cole Mine and in turn sent out something wonderful to 3 others. I love this idea but at the time no one was reading my blog except people who had already participated in the PIF. SO here goes. I am going to create 3 lovely handmade objects to send out. If you are interested in participating, all you have to do is comment on one of my blog posts that you too would like to Pay it Forward by Friday 3/14. I will choose at random...unless only 3 people respond.
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend~ Tomorrow I will be posting all of the needle-felting projects I finished including my Etsyfast March Challenge.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rupelstiltskin revisited

I just had to share: I bought Rumpelstiltskin's Golden Thread from Whorling Tides. I am so exctied! This is the first hand-spun I have ordered off of Etsy and also my first bamboo yarn experience. I couldn't resist it's Golden shimmery goodness. Thanks Beth!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Truth Is...

I have been so tired and unmotivated for the last couple of weeks - No I am not pregnant (I know you were thinking it Kristen:-))! So I have a pile of bowls to needle felt plus a purse. I am posting a picture of my pile on top of my poor neglected needle-felting kit in the hopes that it will get me motivated to get some projects done. I would love to hear if anyone has motivational strategies of some sort~*
I would also like to mention a wonderful shop on Etsy worth checking out:
Beth over at WhorlingTides is creating some of the most gorgeous yarns out of wonderful fibers like bamboo and silk and of course wool. I was picked to critique her shop and I find her truly inspiring! The best part is, she has only been spinning for a couple of months! Check out her Rumpelstiltskin's Golden Thread it is my favorite.