Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day Listings

Happy Earth day! Don't forget to check out my felted coffee sleeves. A fabulous alternative to the cardboard ones.

I have 3 new listings up today in my Etsy store:
Also My Pink bowl is in a lovely Treasury that is worth checking out too~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Focus on the Good

In these hard times (and I say this because I am starting to feel it first-hand now) I tend to look for the small things. Little bits of happiness whether it be my son and the unknowingly witty things he spouts on a daily basis, the seeds in my garden sending up sprouts under the gentle spring sunshine, a long hike in some quiet woods. I am trying to remember that there is so much good, so much to look forward to and that these setbacks are nothing more than speedbumps in the proverbial road of life. There is no use in despairing over things beyond our control. For 4 years now I have had the opportunity to stay home with my amazing little guy. Now here I am about to launch myself out into the world and hoping that the economy will let me wiggle my way in for a piece of the pie. Any words of wisdom to this SAHM of 4 years?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Clover Bowl

New in my Etsy Shop today: a Clover Bowl knit in a dark green wool!

Kabibi Mei Boutique

I am officially selling my felted goods in a brick and mortar store!

Kabibi Mei is located at 31 N. Walnut St. This is between Bijou and Colorado Ave. just west of 1-25 and downtown Colorado Springs, CO. In addition to my wares Cory (the owner of the store and lady with fabulous style I might add) has brought in many wonderful crafters to create a wonderful handmade shopping experience. That's right: all handmade!
So if you are in the area, stop by! I myself am very excited to have a local venue not only to sell my wares but also to help support other crafters.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


That's right I heard a Hummingbird today! I was out turning over my garden getting ready to plant spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets and radishes (I know! Too much information) when I heard the tell tale sound. The little guys are arriving.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Birds Are A' Singin'

It's true, they really are! Spring is finally coming in to our part of the world. Yes we had 60 and 70 degree weather throughout February and March, but there were barely any sprouts pushing their little heads up through the sad dry soil. After the snow/rain we had this weekend everything is greening up like it should and I woke up early this morning to the birds singing. I am tingling with excitement over Spring! So here is my first Birds Nest Felted Bowl. It is officially up in My Etsy Store!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Who doesn't love an acorn?

Thanks to Cheyenneb for the custom order of an acorn bowl and 12 oz. Klean Kanteen Cozy. I don't have a picture of the felted cozy yet, but I will post one when I do! I love the colors she choose.
I also finished a set of small black nesting bowls by needle-felting periwinkle blue flowers in them. These are for sale in my Etsy shop.
Thanks for Looking!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Custom Wedding Bowls

I was contacted by a wonderful gal in Georgia last week about a set of bowls as a wedding gift. We worked out what she wanted and she sent me a picture of the duvet cover they had in their registry. I matched 2 of the deeper colors and needle-felted a flower and leaf in them from the motif of the fabric. I have to say that I love these bowls and really wanted to share with you!
I think this would be a terrific wedding gift to receive; so personalized and very thoughtful!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Craft Kits

Kristen of GreenStyleMom and I put together these wonderful Waldorf inspired craft kits awhile back to sell at craft shows. Unfortunately I didn't participate in too many of those last year so they have been hanging out around my studio until I realized I should list them in my Etsy shop. There are 2 different kits: Gnome Family and Royal Family.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area and are interested in one please contact me here - As for all my local sales I will not charge you shipping and can deliver directly to you.

SunshineCarol Strikes Again

That's right. Not only is she gifted with clay and creates gorgeous mosaic stained glass windows, now SunshineCarol is creating fused glass bug bookmarks, pins and pendants! I can't even stand how cute they are and just had to post about them for your viewing pleasure. The first 3 are bookmarks!