Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Focus on the Good

In these hard times (and I say this because I am starting to feel it first-hand now) I tend to look for the small things. Little bits of happiness whether it be my son and the unknowingly witty things he spouts on a daily basis, the seeds in my garden sending up sprouts under the gentle spring sunshine, a long hike in some quiet woods. I am trying to remember that there is so much good, so much to look forward to and that these setbacks are nothing more than speedbumps in the proverbial road of life. There is no use in despairing over things beyond our control. For 4 years now I have had the opportunity to stay home with my amazing little guy. Now here I am about to launch myself out into the world and hoping that the economy will let me wiggle my way in for a piece of the pie. Any words of wisdom to this SAHM of 4 years?


Amybel said...

Just be yourself, and allow yourself to hate it no matter how great the job is becuase it's taking you away from your ray of sunshine.

Your felfter flower work is amazing! And that's an understatement!

Amybel said...

Oops, sorry for the typo. Typing in the dark is not my forte.

I meant your "felted" flower work is amazing!

Colorado Knitter said...

I didn't even notice the typo right away! Can't wait to show you my purse! I spent a lot of the weekend on it.