Friday, December 9, 2011

My Show is Coming!

It is hard to believe that January is hurtling toward us and with it my first art showing in over 10 years.  Michael at The Bridge Gallery has kindly offered the Commons Gallery for me to show my fiber art! This will be along the lines of what you are used to from my work but with some new twists.


Felted Nature by Gretchen Foster

The Commons Gallery 

(located inside The Bridge Gallery)
  218 West Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

January 6, 2012      6-8 P.M.     

Abby of Love Roots Photography took the amazing photos for me and blogged about it. Please check out her site if you have a moment. She is a fabulously gifted photographer and has a knack for capturing the spirit of people and places.

Thanks so much and hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preoccupied By All Things Green and Growning

Yep. Once again it has happened. Spring rolls around and my mind becomes consumed with thoughts of flats of annuals, potting soil, and perennial beds. Of course on my free time (ha!) I am doing everything in my power to insure the success of my veggie garden which means watering A LOT! It has been 2 weeks since we were blessed with rain here in Colorado Springs. Fires are burning near Trinidad and La Junta and when the wind gets to blowing from the south we all suffer. Sunrises and sunsets are tinged with orange and red and the stressed out trees are producing copious amounts of pollen which combined with the dust coats everything. Difficult working conditions for a gal with seasonal allergies, but what can I do? Can't stand being inside for too long even with all this adversity!
Our backyard farm is coming along nicely. Barb passed 2 raised beds my way and my crops of lettuces and spinach I have growing in them are abundant and and downright perfect.

My carrots and beets that I seeded weeks ago failed to sprout much and I went ahead and re-seeded them yesterday; I think this was due to the wild temperature fluctuations we were having for a couple of weeks and a possible missed watering. My first planting of potatoes is lush and green and I have done my first hilling . Last week I planted my patch of hot and sweet peppers, 5 varieties of tomatoes (which I was worried had lost to the wind but appear to be bouncing back wonderfully), squash, zucchini, kale and onions. Yesterday I planted the second batch of potatoes I acquired (Thanks Cheryl!), pole beans, purple and french filet bush beans and pumpkins in our front yard pumpkin patch. Today I went over to Good Earth Garden Center and bought our hops Humulus Lupulus. They are
planted and I am thrilled to have that step done!

I prefer to direct-seed much of my garden but I will admit that I prefer to buy my tomato plants at Good Earth as well since growing tomatoes is one of their specialties. They have a plethora of varieties to choose from and I decided on 6 that are heirlooms in a variety of sizes, colors and textures.

What have you planted that you are excited about this year?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Custom Tray

I have really been enjoying my custom projects of late and wanted to quickly share one with you. This lovely tray is hand-knit from 100% wool yarn then machine felted shaped over a form and air-dried. It measures 7" across and 1"deep and is a lovely addition to a dresser for those everyday pieces of jewelry you wear. I was contacted by the recipient of this bowl and we worked together to get her the colors she wanted. You too could own a just for me item from Gretchen's Creations.

I also listed these cute nesting bowls in my Etsy store. They are crocheted from the same yarn.

And last but not least these Springy Pale Blue Armwarmers are perfect for the chill of a Spring evening or when you are stuck working at the computer:

Thanks for looking and Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Almost the full swing of Spring

What a crazy couple of weeks! My son turned 6, spring break came and went, Matt and I have now hiked over 35 miles on the Colorado Trail and yesterday we did the 14 mile round trip to Barr camp on Pike's Peak. Most of all though The first day of Spring officially arrived and the gardening season is bearing down on Colorado Springs like a freight train. This is the time of year where I will be turning more toward blogging about green and growing things as well as wildlife that I see in the garden and out in the world. From bulbs to ornamentals to veggies there will be lots to share here and I can't wait!

Don't worry if you come check my blog out for the fiber goodness, I might be busy making things grow but I always make time for knitting. I also am working on some custom orders and would love to do more if you have something in mind let me know.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Clover and an Anchor

Here is another Bowl I just listed in my Etsy Shop for St. Pat's Day:

And here is a bowl that is part of a custom order that I can't help but share because I am so excited at how it came out.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring, Custom Orders, Bread, Beer, Coffee...

I just finished and listed this fun 27 Oz. Klean Kanteen cozy in my Etsy shop yesterday. Apparently lots of people are needing a plethora of color in their lives these days because my Tyler stripes are going like hotcakes! Turn around on this baby was 4 days and although I can't promise such quick service as I head into the gardening season, I can say that I will hustle as fast as humanly possible on custom orders.
As for custom orders, keep your eyes peeled here at the blog for postings on a fabulous custom felted bag I am about to delve into ASAP for a local gal. Michelle is not only one of my favorite new people but she is also a baker and gifted me the most delicious loaf of rosemary artisan bread. If you are local I suggest searching her out and sampling her wears. In fact if you are on Facebook, you should run right on over and become a fan of her page : Manitou Michelle's Breadeaux Company.
I also have a pair of felted mittens on the needles right now for a friend who shares my Reynaud's affliction. Erin DJ's down at Brewer's Republic at least once a month in addition to running the open-mic there. Check out their FB page for dates and times. If I haven't mentioned Brewer's Republic before I am truly sorry! It is a great bar that serves All Colorado Microbrews and Umpire Estate Coffee which is my favorite coffee (and coffee shop)!

I realize that this blog post reads more like one big advertisement for some of my favorite things, but I really believe in supporting local endeavors. All of the businesses I have mentioned above are amazing and worth checking out if you are in the Colorado Springs area!

Anywho, Happy March! It is supposed to be in the 60s and sunny again today. I am starting to get calls from clients for spring clean-up and that is where I am headed as soon as I finish typing this. I will post pictures tomorrow of the progress I have made in my own gardens in preparation for what I hope will be a banner year of veggie growing. I can't get ahead of myself though. This IS Colorado: snow in April has been known to occur.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clover all Over

St. Patrick's Day is coming and with a son named Seamus it is a fun holiday around here! We thought for sure he would be born on the 17th but I suppose 5 days after isn't too shabby! So let me reword: March is a big deal in our household since my little Irish imp is turning 6 this year! He loves St. Patrick's day since there is a parade with the crowning jewel the streetsweepers at the end and that everyone is wearing his favorite color. We also get a visit from the mischievous Leprechaun who turns our house upside down in the night! If you leave a treat for the ML he makes a bit less trouble ;-) I will post pictures~ I do have to give credit where credit is due and admit that I didn't come up with the idea single-handed. Greenstylemom actually told me about it a couple of years back.
I like to make Shamrock bowls for the season and here the first 2 in my series listed in my Etsy shop. These precious little ring bowls would make terrific gifts for your Irish sweetheart and I think would also make a wonderful alternative to a wedding ring pillow since everyone can use a little good luck on the big day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mary Lou's Custom Nest Bowl

She answered the call when I jokingly said "You know you want one!" about my last nest bowl posted on facebook. So here is Mary Lou's very own:

I am as we speak (well not right now because I can't type and knit at the same time silly!) knitting up more nest bowls if you are looking for one yourself. I would also like to mention that I am coming up with some springy designs to celebrate what could possibly be an extremely early spring here in Colorado. If you have any ideas of things you would like to see me create, please do share!
Last of all I will once again be making some Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover bowls like this one and this one for St. Patrick's Day and all of those fun Irish people I know. Please check in at my Etsy store to see what is new.

Things are hopping at Gretchen's Creations and I feel so honored by all the people who have purchased from my store. I love what I do and it makes my heart swell to know my creations are being enjoyed. Thank You!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chickadee dee dee

I love birds. My husband would say sometimes to the point of distraction although not as distracting as plants but I digress. I love birds! A week or so ago I made a treasury on Etsy called Chickadee dee dee inspired by a gorgeous day with the Chickadees and other little birds chirping and chattering away as I walked to pick my son up from school. I really want to buy everything in the treasury which I really can't right now, but I did get one little beauty that I have to share!

This Chickadee brooch from Lenkamol on Etsy:

The craftsmanship and detail that obviously goes into these little gems are amazing! I can honestly say they are as wonderful as they appear in the pictures.

Right now she is offering a special in her store:

Purchase 2 pins with coupon code SPRING to get 10% OFF
10% OFF + shipping both for the price of one.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Tyler Tallboy Cozy and other assorted cozies

Behold: The Cozy of all cozies! Cozies for cans and bottles are good and all, but if you are drinking a tallboy you don't necessarily want to suck that thing down to avoid a warm beer. That is where this wonderful cozy comes in. It is like a sweater to keep your beer cold and your hand warm. Not only that but it is a fashion statement as seen here in this newly completed custom Tyler Cozy. This one is not for Tyler, which I am sure I will hear about as soon as he sees it, but for his friend Jeff who I will imagine will look even cooler now that he can sport such a styleicious accessory.
I only make these cozies custom so they will be just right for the person who shall be using it. Are you interested? You should contact me!

Besides that I have 2 sweet new coffee cuffs to offer in my Etsy store and a kids size Klean Kanteen Kozy in what I just realized are the Air Force Academy Falcon colors. But when I knit it up I thought the yellow and blue went so nicely together.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crusing right along....

It is amazing the things I can achieve when my son doesn't have a delayed start. I won't bore you with the details of my day, but today has been a mildly productive one so I will offer up a few relevant tidbits:
- I ran a fairly big felting wash today with several things I will be sharing with you in the next couple of days.
- I am getting the details of a fun custom purse lined up.
- AND I am so excited! One of my bowls has once again been featured this time on a really cool blog called diaper style memoirs.

The sun is out and it is a positively sweltering 16 degrees out~
There is a lot to smile about today.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hiking Fun and more Valentine Goodness

Yesterday we went on a marvelous hike! There is a geocache Matt has been wanting to finish for some time that we knew took us to the base of Mt. Herman. It was a gorgeous day! Overcast with on and off flurries then progressing into snow in earnest but my favorite kind: big fluffy flakes falling gently down with little or no wind. Ahhh winter. The first leg of the hike took us into the burn area which takes me back to middle school when we sat in the western classrooms of LPMS and watched the fire rage over the mountain waiting to be picked up by our parents and hoping none of our friends that lived near there lost their homes. The picture of the burned fence shows the mountain in the background.
The second leg of the adventure took us up behind the mountain where we hiked down into snow filled meadows and aspen glades. This is also when the snow started falling seriously. But I do have to say that my new felted mittens were doing a bang-up job of keeping my hands warm and without painfully numb fingers from the Raynaud's to distract me I was euphoric over the beauty of winter and how much I love snowy hikes! The second picture is of my honey~
Please be sure and check in at our hiking blog Ode to Ormes as Matt will be posting in more detail about this hike
I also took some small bowls with me in the hopes I would find a nice natural setting to photograph them. I found the prettiest granite boulder covered in lichen and dusted in snow and I think it brings out just about every color I put up against it. Here are some new listings on Etsy some are photographed on the mountain and some are in my front garden today - the light was weak inside so I decided to brave the outdoors for good photos. Cheers~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts Of Warmer Times of the Year

Today is the second day in a row school has been canceled not for snow but for cold. Part of me thinks "This is silly, we went to school in this weather!" or "Kids in Alaska and North Dakota and Montana would be playing outside for recess in this weather!" But then I remember that although I want to think all parents would make sure their children were properly dressed for these conditions and I would love to believe the kids would wear the gear, well who am I kidding!
Our furnace is running non-stop and our jeep won't turn over (at least it didn't earlier and I am waiting until the temp gets to our whopping high of 1 degree to try again). Matthew walked the mile and a half to work this morning when the windchill was -23. I am really glad he changed his mind a couple months back about taking his mighty beard down and secretly wishing I had one myself. My son is hanging on me like a gorilla baby on his mama literally saying "pay attention to me!" to which I said "I did that all day yesterday, now go play with your Legos!" Actually it is a bit of a miracle because he did!

I know there are a lot of parents going through this all over the country right now and this gives me a tad bit of solace.

So that is what I am up to so far. I will be needle-felting a custom order here as soon as I am done with this blog post but I have one more thing to share that I am quite excited about:

My amazing friend the oh so talented gardener Cheryl Conklin has recently launched both a website and blog to share some of the wisdom she is positively bursting with. I had the great honor of working with Cheryl for a spell last summer and I can tell you that she is magic not only with plants but also with words and that reading her blog will be a real treat. ~*~*~ Check out the section of her site that talks about winter beauty and form. She recently bought her own home with a blank slate of a yard and it is positively inspiring to watch her transform it bit by bit.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As if my week hasn't been a bolstering positive enough experience already, I have been featured on a really cool blog called Gin Factory. I honestly can't believe I haven't seen it before, but am adding it to my favorite blogs post haste. You too should go see :-) Happy February!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What A Week!

I have been a busy bee this last week knitting and needle-felting. I received a custom order from the most wonderful return buyer. I just wanted to share her kind words as a testimonial of sorts for what I do. The first part refers to an overcharge on shipping that I refunded her for.

Thanks so much for the shipping refund. So kind. :o)
I received everything yesterday and am thrilled beyond words. I can't even pick a favorite.
I love every single one of these bowls. All are for gifts to loved ones, but I
have a strong feeling that I will be back for more. ( For ME!)
Thanks so much for sharing your time and your talent!

As if that wasn't enough to make me feel so proud of what I do, one of my bowls was in a treasury that was featured on the front page of Etsy on Saturday afternoon! I almost sold out of My Felted Valentine Bowls. Have no fear though, I have been getting my shop restocked and there will be more coming for the next week or so. If you are wanting a Valentine bowl and want a specific color combo please contact me so I can make one up for you!

Here are a couple I have listed today but please check in at Gretchen's Creations in the My Felted Valentine section to see what is new.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Give back the Key to My Heart

I love Uncle Tupelo! They have this fabulous song called Give Back The Key to My Heart and every time I needle-felt a heart key bowl I think of this song. I couldn't find that song on youtube however I did find this one:

I haven't heard Life Worth Livin' in awhile. Enjoy!

And where could I possibly be going with this? Why, I have a new Key to my Heart Bowl in my Etsy shop OBVIOUSLY.

Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here We Are Again

Can you believe it is already another year? I can't! 2011 arrived quietly here at my house. The AdAmAn club had to turn back from their ascent of Pikes Peak; the weather was just that bad. With no fireworks being launched from the summit of America's Mountain I officially gave myself permission to go to bed and read. I was up at midnight to enjoy the arsenal of fireworks half of my neighborhood invested in - I am just glad there was snow on the ground!
New Years has never been a big one for me. I believe that resolutions shouldn't be restricted to one day a year. I do have a list of things I would like to accomplish: I am on a mission this year to become more fit, more productive but most of all more peaceful. I am also excited to take a more artistic direction in my felting and needle-felting and have a gallery show at the Bridge Gallery in October. As a gardener in Colorado, the off-season is a strange time. You would think 2 months would be this amazing window of opportunity to make major strides in say home organization but days are chopped up by drop-offs and pick-ups and that self-imposed exercise regimen. I am getting there though! I promise!

So with all that aside I have 2 orders of business. First of all, Matthew and I have set new loftier goals for our hiking year please take a moment to visit our blog Ode to Ormes to see what Shenanigans we are going to be up to in 2011. Last year I took a very passive roll with the blog because I felt that Matthew was doing such an amazing job telling our story, but this year he has asked me to contribute more of my POV to it and I have therefore promised to be more active with postings on flora and fauna and hopefully an occasional gear review. If you get a chance drop by and share in our adventure! See where we have been and where we are headed.

My second order of business is of course Etsy. Valentines Day is drawing close and I have once again launched the My Felted Valentine line in my Etsy shop. Instead of a card or a box of chocolates give something that will last beyond one day a year! One of my felted bowls holding a precious memento or filled with delicious chocolates for instance! Here are a few items I have listed so far with more to come in the following days and weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! I am really looking forward to a great year of fiber goodness and creativity and would be thrilled if you will join me.