Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Snowshoeing Excursion of the Winter

So... my birthday is next weekend. No biggie except that I asked my hubby for some warm winter hiking boots that would cause me to be excited at the prospect of, well, Winter hiking. Last night he took me to REI and I found the most amazing and comfortable Keen boots. This means we HAD to go snowshoeing today. The Crags on the backside of Pikes Peak seemed a logical spot to still have snow and we were definitely not disappointed. We also got to help a nice couple dig out their jeep that had gotten stuck. We are both pretty tired and sore from it but it was a fabulous pay-it-forward moment and we sure weren't going to leave them there to dig out by themselves.
It was a good reminder to us though to make sure and be prepared when we head to the high country this winter! We are investing in a tow strap and packing the chains and a shovel next time.
Tomorrow I am back to posting about new items on Etsy. I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Red Bowls Red Bowls

I learned to crochet finally! I won't agree quite yet that it is speedier than knitting since knitting is old hat for me but I do enjoy the different movement and the neat texture I seem to be getting from it. So here for your viewing enjoyment are the two newest additions to my Etsy store. The first is a crocheted tray with a group of needle-felted Anemone flowers in the bottom. This tray is incredibly sturdy and has a basket-like texture to it. The second is one of my signature Skeleton Key Pocket Bowls - I found a picture of this strange key with 2 small holes and couldn't resist replicating it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gardening Perspective and Gratitude

Here I sit looking out my window on a nice sunny day with some crusty snow still on the ground, Thanksgiving around the corner, my 31st year coming to a close, Christmas next in line. My garden has been put to bed for winter. I planted my garlic a week ago before the last snow storm rolled through. I have a few more bulbs to plant (thanks Barb!) but if the ground will allow me to do so remains to be seen. I already have started perusing seed catalogs and drooling over descriptions of buttery potatoes, sweet crisp snap peas and delicious young spinach. Why am I bringing all of this up? Partly because I have more time on my hands all of the sudden that I have the luxury to do so but mostly because I just got off the phone with my dear friend Erin. Erin has been gardening and working on small farms in the Durango, CO area for years bur she grew up in Corpus Cristi, TX and is currently there for the holidays. We got to talking about gardening and she told me all about the new garden she is putting in for her dad right now. She just planted a Plumeria and Christmas Palms! As a Colorado native it is so hard for me to imagine a climate that allows for such tropical goodness or how to even keep such things alive. I am pretty sure I had a Christmas palm as a houseplant at one time... needless to say I don't have it now.
These are different challenges beyond my comprehension. So right now I am contemplating these differences and trying to decide if I would like to work hard as a gardener all year long or if I am blessed to have the winter to work on knitting, resting my bones and dreaming about green beans eaten straight from the garden while sitting with good friends on the patio in the golden glow of the sunset. I am so grateful for these moments and for good friends like Erin that I get to share them with occasionally.

Cheers All!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Christmas Holiday Bowls

I listed both of these fun little bowls in my Etsy store today:

If anyone has an idea of holiday themes you would like to see me needle-felt, please drop me a line! I am always up for suggestions.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holly Bowl

I am working on some fun holiday themed bowls, trivets and trays that aren't so in-your-face Christmas. Don't get me wrong! I love kelly green and bright red...just in moderation. So here is the first installment: my Holly Bowl.

I have also re-listed my pinecone tray. This is one of my favorite designs and one I am quite proud of since it has so much detail and texture.

As always, Thanks for Looking!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Custom Bronco Beer Cozies

The bottle cozy is a custom order for a die hard Bronco's Fan and fabulous musician. The can cozy is up for grabs. I will probably list it soon, but if you are interested please drop me a line Also if you would like to order one (or a set), they make a great gift! I can knit them up in almost any color combo and I do make them for tall boys which is the perfect candidate for beer clothes!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Moment

Today we hiked 8 miles. My dear husband took some pictures for me. That is Colorado Springs in the background~ Both of us at one point today said "I love where we live!"