Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Snowshoeing Excursion of the Winter

So... my birthday is next weekend. No biggie except that I asked my hubby for some warm winter hiking boots that would cause me to be excited at the prospect of, well, Winter hiking. Last night he took me to REI and I found the most amazing and comfortable Keen boots. This means we HAD to go snowshoeing today. The Crags on the backside of Pikes Peak seemed a logical spot to still have snow and we were definitely not disappointed. We also got to help a nice couple dig out their jeep that had gotten stuck. We are both pretty tired and sore from it but it was a fabulous pay-it-forward moment and we sure weren't going to leave them there to dig out by themselves.
It was a good reminder to us though to make sure and be prepared when we head to the high country this winter! We are investing in a tow strap and packing the chains and a shovel next time.
Tomorrow I am back to posting about new items on Etsy. I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!


GreenStyleMom said...

I'd love for you to tell me where to go snowshoeing back there. Better yet, maybe you can just take me!

Colorado Knitter said...

Thanks for reminding me Kristen! I was going to ask if any ladies around here would be interested in going snowshoeing sometime?