Monday, December 7, 2009

Hi and So Sorry For Not Being Around!

I had such big intentions. My Birthday was Saturday November 28th. It might have well been one of the best Birthdays I have had in awhile. Matt found a great hike off of Gold Camp Road we climbed Mt. Conejos and then dropped down into Jones Park and came out on the 7 Bridges trail (which was a skating rink) It was gorgeous and clear, a little breezy and cool but we didn't need our snowshoes for this one. We saw bear tracks - luckily at least a day old and I will try and get those pics from Matt to share. Afterward we went to Bristol Brewing for a couple of delicious local Birthday Pints. The icing on the cake was the Micah Schnabel ( of 2 Cow Garage fame) solo show at The Triple Nickel Tavern that evening. In all of the pictures I have seen of me from that night I am wearing a silly grin from ear to ear and although I cringe at how unattractive those pictures are, I remind myself that I had a wonderful time with wonderful friends and super music~ I was able to give myself a pat on the back as well for only drinking 2 beers and NOT waking up with a hang over. I also want to thank Jimmy again for being super rad and giving us the biggest birthday gift of all by driving~
I have hit the big 32 my hair is turning silver and I am starting to complain about "kids these days" :-) Life is good! Thanks to everyone for helping to make my 31st year a great one and I am looking forward to the one to come.

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