Thursday, December 10, 2009

Extraordinary Ingredients!

I don't often have blog posts like this, but I am a huge proponent of supporting local businesses and I really want to get the word out about a fabulous new local shop here in Colorado Springs! Extraordinary Ingredients Gourmet Pantry is located at 612 N. Tejon Street (just North of Panino's). The store is warm and inviting and the selection of high quality spices, salts, chiles and dried herbs is fabulous. I was especially impressed by the wide selection of rices and beans to choose from. I bought some Green Bamboo rice (mostly for Seamus because his favorite color is green and he loves rice) and Chana Dal (on recommendation of the purveyor Kerri) and last night the Dal Bhat I made from them WAS truly extraordinary! The Chana Dal was incredibly buttery and had flavors that the Dal I usually make with red lentils has never had and I kept sneaking bites of the rice before the Dal was done.
What most amazes me is that for the high quality of her ingredients her prices are fabulous. I will be back there soon to stock up on herbs and spices now that I have gone through my kitchen and taken stock of what I need. So I highly recommend this great new local shop. Stop by and check it out. Have a chat with the knowledgeable Kerri purveyor of deliciousness: she obviously has a passion for cooking and is excited to share it. I can honestly say that I left Extraordinary Ingredients excited about the culinary possibilities open to me.


The Hunter's Prize said...

Good news! We used to go to Par Avion but they closed a while ago. Glad there is a new place in town, and it's on the South side of the Springs.

the knitrider said...

yay! Thanks for sharing, I love those kind of places.

Martha said...

We had some fabulous crispy vegetables with an artichoke dip at a restaurant called Twist in Breckenridge a few months ago. I called and asked about the chips and he gave me the name of the company high imports/Extraordinary Ingredients Co. Do they have a website? I can't wait to get my hands on those chips, plus the other wonderful things you mentioned in this blog.

Colorado Knitter said...

The store downtown closed a while back. They have a location where they sell wholesale to restaurants and it is located on North Nevada and Mountview.