Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts Of Warmer Times of the Year

Today is the second day in a row school has been canceled not for snow but for cold. Part of me thinks "This is silly, we went to school in this weather!" or "Kids in Alaska and North Dakota and Montana would be playing outside for recess in this weather!" But then I remember that although I want to think all parents would make sure their children were properly dressed for these conditions and I would love to believe the kids would wear the gear, well who am I kidding!
Our furnace is running non-stop and our jeep won't turn over (at least it didn't earlier and I am waiting until the temp gets to our whopping high of 1 degree to try again). Matthew walked the mile and a half to work this morning when the windchill was -23. I am really glad he changed his mind a couple months back about taking his mighty beard down and secretly wishing I had one myself. My son is hanging on me like a gorilla baby on his mama literally saying "pay attention to me!" to which I said "I did that all day yesterday, now go play with your Legos!" Actually it is a bit of a miracle because he did!

I know there are a lot of parents going through this all over the country right now and this gives me a tad bit of solace.

So that is what I am up to so far. I will be needle-felting a custom order here as soon as I am done with this blog post but I have one more thing to share that I am quite excited about:

My amazing friend the oh so talented gardener Cheryl Conklin has recently launched both a website and blog to share some of the wisdom she is positively bursting with. I had the great honor of working with Cheryl for a spell last summer and I can tell you that she is magic not only with plants but also with words and that reading her blog will be a real treat. ~*~*~ Check out the section of her site that talks about winter beauty and form. She recently bought her own home with a blank slate of a yard and it is positively inspiring to watch her transform it bit by bit.


Amybel said...

Yup, going through it too. Played games all afternoon and now I'm looking forward to an hour of knitting before I konk out. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the glowing praise.

And good cheer as the second big dip eases up!