Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Tyler Tallboy Cozy and other assorted cozies

Behold: The Cozy of all cozies! Cozies for cans and bottles are good and all, but if you are drinking a tallboy you don't necessarily want to suck that thing down to avoid a warm beer. That is where this wonderful cozy comes in. It is like a sweater to keep your beer cold and your hand warm. Not only that but it is a fashion statement as seen here in this newly completed custom Tyler Cozy. This one is not for Tyler, which I am sure I will hear about as soon as he sees it, but for his friend Jeff who I will imagine will look even cooler now that he can sport such a styleicious accessory.
I only make these cozies custom so they will be just right for the person who shall be using it. Are you interested? You should contact me!

Besides that I have 2 sweet new coffee cuffs to offer in my Etsy store and a kids size Klean Kanteen Kozy in what I just realized are the Air Force Academy Falcon colors. But when I knit it up I thought the yellow and blue went so nicely together.

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