Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Custom Tray

I have really been enjoying my custom projects of late and wanted to quickly share one with you. This lovely tray is hand-knit from 100% wool yarn then machine felted shaped over a form and air-dried. It measures 7" across and 1"deep and is a lovely addition to a dresser for those everyday pieces of jewelry you wear. I was contacted by the recipient of this bowl and we worked together to get her the colors she wanted. You too could own a just for me item from Gretchen's Creations.

I also listed these cute nesting bowls in my Etsy store. They are crocheted from the same yarn.

And last but not least these Springy Pale Blue Armwarmers are perfect for the chill of a Spring evening or when you are stuck working at the computer:

Thanks for looking and Happy Spring!

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