Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Fever

My son has officially turned 3. If I weren't so concerned about his well-being I would probably open the front door and tell him to "be free!" But I have to wait a few years for that I guess. He also isn't taking naps anymore although he is obviously tired. Why am I telling you all this? Mostly because he is also hanging on me and following me around which is not especially conducive to using felting needles. I am getting zero, zilch, nada done today.
Have I mentioned how positively super my neighbor Graham is? Our sons were born 3 days apart so on these sunny days we spend a lot of time chasing the kids around one yard or another. Plus he is a stupendous photographer. He has been helping me with my product pics for the last year or so on and off. Check out what we have done lately!
Here is what I have listed I listed this lovely little Lavender Tulip Purse in my Etsy Store today it is the perfect thing for spring or whenever really.

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The Cole Mine said...

So cute and perfect for spring!

Josh took a THREE hour nap today! Yes, you can hate me!