Friday, March 7, 2008

The Truth Is...

I have been so tired and unmotivated for the last couple of weeks - No I am not pregnant (I know you were thinking it Kristen:-))! So I have a pile of bowls to needle felt plus a purse. I am posting a picture of my pile on top of my poor neglected needle-felting kit in the hopes that it will get me motivated to get some projects done. I would love to hear if anyone has motivational strategies of some sort~*
I would also like to mention a wonderful shop on Etsy worth checking out:
Beth over at WhorlingTides is creating some of the most gorgeous yarns out of wonderful fibers like bamboo and silk and of course wool. I was picked to critique her shop and I find her truly inspiring! The best part is, she has only been spinning for a couple of months! Check out her Rumpelstiltskin's Golden Thread it is my favorite.


Everyday Yogini said...

Hmmm, I don't know how to motivate you except to tell you how awesome you are!!

I was thinking the other day that I want you to make me a big, felted beach bag with some sort of fun scene on the side. Beach balls bouncing? An umbrella on a beach? Something fabulous!

I've heard the beach scene here is great for families and with the cherry trees already blossoming, I'm feeling frisky for some sunshine-y weather.

What do you say about a bag?? :)

Love and motivation heading your way...

GreenStyleMom said...

Darn! :)

If I had some a motivational strategy that worked, my house wouldn't be such a mess!

Can't wait to see what you do with those bowls.

Rita Booke said...

Hi Gretchen,
Thank you so much for mentioning my Etsy shop! You are so sweet. I'm so glad that Rumplestiltskin's Golden Thread is going to a nice home where you will turn her into a beautiful wearable art piece. Do you have any ideas what you will create?
It also means a lot to me that you feel "inspired" by my work. I am so new to spinning and I do feel very passionately about creating great yarns. You know what would be great...? I think we should collaborate on a project together. Let's figure out something.
I've added your name to my blog. Another new thing for me!
And what are you going to do with all those bowls?
Take care, Beth

Alpaca Granny said...

I try to convince myself that all "artists" have lags. I have been in a slump with my watercolor for about a year now. Spinning, so far, doesn't create slumps. The wheel is always sitting there, inviting me to sit down.