Sunday, January 4, 2009

Please Read: New Toy Regulations Will Devastate Handmade Markets!

I have cut and pasted this message from one of my Etsy groups. Please read! Please go to the link and voice your opinion on the importance of handmade handcrafted toys!

For those of you interested in the topic, Monday is the deadline for
comments to CPSC regarding the new regulations. For those of you unfamiliar
with it, its a new set of laws aimed at preventing the recent massive toy
recalls and illnesses associated with lead or toxin -containing children's
toys. However, while this is great, the requirement also will apply to
small time businesses (i.e. hand-crafters). The testing fees will
essentially drive them out of business. If you think hand-made options for
children's toys and clothing are important, and believe in supporting small
business, please send a comment to the CPSC and perhaps CC your
congressman. The legislation takes effect this February.

From the Storque on

*This coming Monday, January 5*, is the deadline for comments to the CPSC.
The *CPSC has asked for comments* regarding component testing and natural
materials exemptions! This is our chance to speak directly to the CPSC and
push them to include these important additions in the CPSIA/provide your
personal feedback on anything that hasn't been touched on. Here is the link
to the CPSC forms.<>


Everyday Yogini said...

I so hope that the comments and petitions change this! I have been following this closely and have signed a petition and also left comments. Thank you for sharing this, G!! xx

quitecontrary1977 said...

If the bill passes, we'll just have to create a handmade toy black market! Or market everything as a dog toy and with the words "wink wink" beside them.

KittenBritches said...

Freaks me right out, I tell ya! Another off shoot of it was the top story tonight on USA Today news. Dang it!