Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Listings As Promised

I had a problem with my hands not far back and the doc thought it might be attributed to them being in water a lot because of the felting ( I didn't bother to mention that I am also the primary dishwasher in our household not to mention child bather and garden waterer). Anyhow, because of this I decided to change gears a bit and knit different things that don't require shrinkage. I love arm warmers and seeing as they are so packable to boot I have been knitting them like crazy. This newest pair is out of the wonderful silver-blue yarn again. I had terrible results trying to felt with it (even though the package said it was felt-able) and was holding onto it just waiting for the right project. When I started to knit with it I found that it was so incredibly soft and springy! So even though it failed in the felting department it turned out to be wonderful for things next to the skin. This set of arm warmers is knit in seed stitch giving them interesting texture.

I have also tried to put together a collection of items to needle-felt down the road so I pulled out my box and found some inspiration. Here is the first I have listed tonight. I love the acorn bowls and decided it had been awhile since I listed one.

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