Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is a big catch-up day for my blogging. Things have been busy which is fabulous, but I am learning to juggle my time again since getting back to the world of adults and a job that doesn't revolve strictly around my son, home and husband.
This blog post is about the wonderful wildlife I have been seeing lately.
The first happening occurred at the same gardening client's house where I saw the bobcat. I was working in the back of the house when the homeowner opened the ground level window next to where I was working, popped out the screen and insisted I climb inside immediately as there was a mama bear and cubs in her garage. I have never moved so quickly! Normally they keep their garage closed because of this exact reason but it was open for me. Her dogs were barking like crazy at the door to the garage and you could hear something big scratching at the other side and pushing it's weight against the door. Finally it got quiet so we went upstairs where we had a good view of the driveway and this is what we saw:
Mama and her 3 cubs had dragged the big Tupperware of dog food out by the driveway and proceeded to have a field day with it.
Meanwhile on the homefront... I had house finches build their nest on the top of one of my rose trellises. About a week ago 4 little babies hatched and they are the cutest things! I can hear them chirping when mama or papa come in with food practically anywhere in the yard. Who would have thought something so small could make so much noise!
And last but not least, I found a lovely Fritillary caterpillar in some of my Sedum. I believe this will become a Painted Lady Butterfly. I have had quite a few on my Butterfly bush and Monarda in the front garden this year.
More to come hopefully today on the actual garden. I should have some new listings up on Etsy soon that I am excited to share with you as well. Thanks so much for checking in!


the knitrider said...

That is just so crazy! Most people who have lived here all their lives don't ever get to see anything!!

Colorado Knitter said...

I know! With all the hiking we usually do in the summers I feel like we have been tempting fate all these years and then I see them when I am trying to get work done.

Amybel said...

Wow, and a little scary! You're lucky the homeowner was home to warn you. Love your finches. We have a wren and are waiting for the babies to hatch any day now!