Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keeping Those Feet Moving!

I have set some fitness goals this year and wanted to take today to share some of my victories with you! First of all, my husband and I have set a goal of logging at least 300 trail miles this year. As of this weekend we have gone 80.02!! I feel pretty confident that we will reach 300~ You can check out our progress on our blog: Ode to Ormes. Not only are we keeping track of our distance and total ascent, but my husband does nice write-ups on each hike and we try and show pictures of the areas we explore. If you live in the Colorado Springs area I believe it gives a great idea of some hikes that you may have not heard of before.

My next bit of news is that I ran the Colorado Springs St. Patrick's Day 5K with my good friend Tam on Saturday and am happy to report that we did fabulously! I am not so apprehensive now of running races and dare I say I am actually excited for the next one? Tam was a great motivator (whether she realizes it or not) and I am so glad that we took this challenge on together!

Last but not least, I have set a personal goal for myself that I will be tracking indefinitely of walking/running/hiking at least 20 miles/week. This week I did about 23 miles! I am tracking this through the invaluable website This is the website I have been utilizing since back in 06 when I decided I needed to loose the baby weight. It has helped me not only to once more become the athletic (and I would like to think more outgoing) person I am today, but has shown me that it isn't just about weight loss; it is about lifestyle and striving to be healthy inside and out! If you are looking for the tools to do the same, I would highly recommend checking it out. It is free!

So to anyone who might read this lil' old blog of mine! Cheers to your health! and Cheers to a beautiful new week full of potential!

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