Monday, August 11, 2008

Hiking Hiking Hiking

I probably need to modify the name of my blog since we have been hiking so much and I love to share about it along with my knitting. We are blessed to have 2 sets of doting grandparents nearby and they love to take the boy for overnights which enables my hubby and I to set our alarms early and start hiking before the summer heat sets in.
I remember the days (not long ago) when we used to take these opportunities to go out to the bars etc. :-)
On Thursday we climbed Grayback Peak (1st picture) which is south and west of Cheyenne Mountain. We were in the clouds and drizzle almost the whole time which was a nice break from the 90 degree heat we have had for over a week.
On Sunday we hiked to Pike's cave which is on the side of Mt. Rosa almost directly west of Cheyenne Mountain. Cheyenne Mountain is the hollowed out Mountain that Norad resides in.
Although the 14er is named Pike's Peak, Pike failed to reach the summit mostly because he attempted it at the End of November 1806 and ended up climbing up nearby and much shorter Mt. Rosa. This "cave" is where he and his team stayed on a very cold night on November 26. 1806. The sign does say that Mt. Rosa was the first recorded mountain climbed in the American West. we didn't get a chance to go up there due to some strong storms moving in, but we will be back soon I am sure.

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