Monday, October 5, 2009

Resolution, Bowls Before and After and New Listings

I am singing the praises of my credit union this evening as I marvel at the ease with which I was able to file my dispute and how quickly the money has been returned to our account! For once things went smoothly and easily.

Now on to blogging about my craft!! That is right, I know it has been a LONG TIME but I am finally getting back into my groove with my felted goods so I have a few things to share with you today! Here for your viewing pleasure are before and after pictures of the bowls and trays I felted (fulled) yesterday:

I am in love with all of them in their fall glory~

And I have listed several new items today as well:

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Split Rock Ranch said...

Love the before and after photos! I need to remember to do more than one item at a time in the washing machine - I just get so excited about finishing an item and cannot wait to get it felted! I love the nest bowl - adorable!