Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Spring Beauty

I am more distracted than usual lately! I have taken to changing the subject mid-sentence a lot or taking a detour to check things out. What is my problem? Spring is here! Things are busting out in bloom all over the place here. Flowering Crabapples and Forsythia; tulips, crocus, daffodils... the list goes on! My house is suffering even on days that I am not working because I am in my own garden planting seeds, amending soil and trimming things back. I seem to be consistently dirty and that includes bark and leaves in my hair. To anyone that knows me this isn't much of a surprise. So why am I writing this? I inadvertently found the coolest gal through Etsy the other day. I saw she was in Antarctica and dropped her a note to tell her how much I admired people that can go live and work there (my husband was one of them). We have been writing back and forth a little bit since and the last e-mail from Chelsea asked if the flowers were really starting to go off here. She also gave me a link to her blog: Chichi's Ice Adventure. This post goes out to Chelsea a little bit of Spring color for her in anticipation of the long dark winter ahead. Thanks for giving me the excuse to post some of the thousands of flower pictures I have been snapping these days!

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SugarBrains said...

Beautiful! Such amazing colors! That orange is SO BRIGHT! And I love, love, love the garden owl!!!