Thursday, December 16, 2010

12.16.10 The Only

I obviously missed a day. Yesterday was a full one with spending time with a good friend I hadn't seen in awhile and once I get to picking up my son from school the day has already gotten away from me. The weather was ridiculously nice too and since the weather heads were predicting snow today a handful of other parents and I thought it best to let the kids play for awhile on the playground. It is trying to snow now but the main issue is the cold. 60 degrees yesterday and now 30s today. It is no wonder the illnesses are going around! Our bodies don't know which season to adjust to.
So enough of the excuses! I have sold out of my fingerless gloves, but have no fear! I will be knitting some fabulous new ones here shortly since The coldest months of winter are just around the corner and I know I am not the only one who likes my hands warm. So this morning I offer up for your viewing (and buying if you so choose) pleasure 2 sweet bowls.

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