Friday, December 17, 2010


My eyes might have been bigger than my time limits this week! Maybe my New Years Resolutions should include at the top: Only promise what you can deliver not what you would like to. This morning I spent 2 1/2 hours in my son's Kindergarten class for their Polar Express party. There is nothing like trying to help corral 45 5 &6 year olds hopped up on sugar cookies. Once again I truly admire teachers. Not only have I flailed on the Etsy listings on and off this week but I also completely forgot to get Seamus' teacher gifts ready and there for their last day before Christmas break. Oh well, if I get cards at all this season they will be for New Years anyway so Seamus' wonderful teachers who I highly admire and would give the world if I could, will be part of that tardy gift/card giving spree.
So there you have it: the true confessions of a spacey well-meaning mom and artist. I am off to clean my house and take stock of Christmas presents oh AND to pick my son up from school. Don't want to be THAT Mom. ~*~*~

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