Monday, May 12, 2008

Treasuries and What I Did Last Weekend

So, On Saturday my husband and I hiked up Barr Trail to Barr Camp 1/2 way up Pikes Peak: you know THE Purple Mountain Majesty? It was an amazing 14 miles round trip! Not only that, but it was a geocaching event. Here is the link and proof that I really was there:-) Note that I am wearing my hat knit out of local alpaca:-) Best hat ever officially! Unfortunately, there wasn't much time for knitting plus my fingers were swollen so I could barely hold a pen to write.
I do want to share the two custom orders that I am sending out this morning though. The first is a "just keys" bowl in red and the second is a Dresser Bowl with Stars in a Gorgeous purple.


The Cole Mine said...

I always love to see your creations!

Before Josh was born, I did that hike...We jogged all the way down the switchbacks and I was sore for weeks.

You go girl!

Everyday Yogini said...

Go, Gretchen, Go!! You look so happy! That is awesome... Can you get Matt to SMILE once in a while?? :)