Thursday, July 10, 2008

Argh! Bugs!

This summer has been a real test in the garden. So hot and dry you have to water constantly it seems. I tried some new plants in my garden and contrary to what I thought looking at them from a distance they are getting eaten alive! My Kale is gorgeous except for the aphids and my Broccoli has been fighting the good fight against the little black bugs that have decimated my nasturtiums.
So am I just going to sit here and complain and let my hard work go to waste? Heck No! Am I going to spray them down with chemicals and then be afraid to eat them? NO! I went to the local garden center today and bought Ladybugs ~ So there they sit at the moment all 1750 of them in my refrigerator amongst the Sour Cream and OJ awaiting their release into a heavenly feast this evening. In the meantime I am waiting out the heat of today as close to the window air conditioner as I can get with a pile of bowls and 4 newly felted cuffs to be finished. I will be listing some new items in the next couple of days so keep your peepers peeled: there are some really cute things on the way...but that is just my biased opinion.

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