Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Little Citrus in Your DIet

I knit this fun little bowl up from a single strand of bright orange worsted weight yarn and absolutely love it! I hand-dyed roving with kool-aid to get the lime green and decided this orange bowl needed something simple yet equally bright. I have this vision of someone stuck in a windowless office with this terrific bowl sitting on their desk reminding them of the delicious frosty cocktail they could be sipping on a shady patio come happy hour. I am not stuck in a cubicle but I sure am dreaming of frosty beverages and shade on hot days like this one! In fact I would recommend these Beer Cozies for just such a time!

On another note, the craft sale went relatively well. I have made some terrific new Etsy buddies and will be blogging about them very soon I promise. You can check out your own local Etsy sellers by clicking on the Shop Local button on the main page.
Thanks to Kabibimei for putting the sale together and hosting!

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