Monday, July 21, 2008

Lil' Red Bird

I love Gillian Welch! I saw her play here in Colorado Springs when I was 7 months pregnant with my son and refused to give up my spot at the very front even though my dogs were swollen and barking. I was a performing folk musician, my husband and a good friend created my beautiful website you should check it out.

I played her song "Winters Come and Gone" often:

Oh little red bird, come to my windowsill
been so lonesome shakin' that mornin' chill
Oh little red bird open your mouth and sing
Been so lonesome just bout' flown away
Honestly, I can't imagine why my little guy likes the guitar so much.
Anyway back to what this post was leading up to~
This dresser bowl was born. I couldn't get the song out of my head and I realized the little red bird needed a home.


Nikki said...

Hey there! ran across your etsy and thought i'd stop by your blog too! I love your stuff!

Colorado Knitter said...

Thanks Nikki! What is your etsy store. Wanted to go look you up, but it isn't in your blog anywhere.

The Cole Mine said...

Enjoyed reading about the history behind the bowl!

Nikki said...

oh! I'm

I have been meaning to make my blog more etsy-ish, but don't have internets at home yet. Definately going to work on that though!!!