Monday, January 28, 2008


I have not checked in for a few days here in Blogland. I have been thinking about what I do and how best to explain it to others.  Why felted bowls?  You can't eat your cereal out of them no. In college I was on my way to a focus in ceramics (I have a BA in Fine Art) but I balked after taking all courses possible and heading into independent study. That story is for another time. I had an amazing and inspirational professor by the name of Dave Hunt. Assignments in his advanced classes were more conceptual or even philosophical. And the only reading was suggested and is the most amazing book called Centering by M.C. Richards.  I still go back to read it often. This is where the bowl form took hold of me. I may not throw them in clay now, but I craft them from fiber and loops and form them through hot water and agitation.  They are vessels to hold treasures, or the most humble items that you use everyday.
I will expound more on this soon. I also completed  quite a few needle-felting projects this weekend and I am excited to share!

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The Cole Mine said...

I'll have to check out the book! Thanks for the recommendation.