Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Nona i.e. Everyday Yogini tagged me with a modified meme. This is a little departure from knitting, but maybe not really since knitting is so integrated into my life at this point.

In the Past year:

What are you proudest of achieving?
Two things. One is my Etsy store. I felt that the last part of 07 was very successful. I never expect to make millions at what I do but I sent a decent amount of things out in the world and got nothing but positive feedback.
I am also proud at the level of health I have reached in the last year. Matthew and I have done many 10+ mile hikes with rough terrain and amazing amounts of elevation gain this year. Last year that would not have happened.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I was pulled over for speeding in of all things a construction zone (plus I didn't have my current insurance card). A ticket of this nature requires you go to court. I wrote it down on my calendar wrong, got a babysitter, all my paperwork in order and the night before I was to go in I realized I missed it by a day. They put a bench warrant out for me! Lil' ol me! I had to go in and post bail. The best part of this was the Police escort I required to go to the ATM in the courthouse.

What would you do differently with the benefit of hindsight?
This is a toughy. there are lots of little things. I suppose just simply paying attention more to what is going on around me and honoring my initial instinct more often. Realizing that I can do so many things if I just got my confidence up.

What did you love about this year?
The 4 months I had with my family while Matthew was between jobs. Made me realize how truly blessed I am to have such a great partner in crime and father to my child.

In the Next year:

What do you want to say you accomplished next year on this day?
That I have organized and simplified. To officially get my ducks in a row with my business so I can focus on making pretty things more.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?
Spending lots of time in the mountains with my boys. We are big into Geocaching.

What goal of yours are you most tantalized by?
Ah, to knit a whole sweater, or a lace shawl. Something big just for me.

If you knew you only had the next year to live, what would you make sure you do? What is stopping you?
My big one is to visit Nona in Rome. I miss her and would love to see that amazing city through her eyes. AND I would spend as much time as I possibly could with my boy. I would want to teach him more songs and make lots of art with him.
Money is preventing me from visiting Nona right now... and I need a new passport. As for Seamus. I tend to spend a lot of time knitting but I have vowed to do more with him everyday. After all, he is growing up so quickly!

I really don't have anyone to pass this meme on to, so just like the Pay It Forward I have to suspend it for awhile.
If you are interested in being a recipient of my PIF drop me a comment. :-) It will be something handmade and most likely wooly ~*~


Everyday Yogini said...

I can't wait until you get to come visit! We will have a grand time touring the city... and I'll even take you out of the city! I love you answers to all the questions.

Yeeessss, a whole sweater. What color would it be?

The Cole Mine said...

Fun to learn more about you through this great blogging thing! Enjoyed reading your answers!

Also, I got the kale stuff up so take a look...and I tried Nona's kale recipe - it was really yummy!