Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friends to the Ends of the Earth (Or Italy and Kenya)

Modern communication is a blessing and a curse isn't it?  I sit in front of this computer so much! This morning through this here computer however, I was able to communicate directly with both my amazing friend Nona (Everyday Yogini) in Rome and then a few minutes later I had a brief  conversation with another truly amazing woman Jessica who is in the Peace Corps and in Kenya. Yes, she is still there because she is in the safest part of the country. 
So raise a glass to technology! To keeping in touch with good friends in far flung places so easily and lastly for being able to instantaneously share my projects with you when they fly off of my needles or our of my washing machine.... perhaps Nona could write me a Gatha for this.
I have attached a picture of the felted Fibonacci bag (It shrank a lot more than I anticipated!) and Mariah's Armwarmers still on the needles but not for much longer.  


Everyday Yogini said...

Chin-Chin to technology!! I am grateful every single day that we live in the world we do. 20 years ago this assignment would have been a lot different, without the internet and all...

The Cole Mine said...

Still love that bag...Love the new pic on your front page too!