Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little lessons

Oh what a day! and it isn't even 2 pm.  I received a package from my very dear friend today. I got all choked up. Needless to say since this is  slow time in Etsy, I am going to try and make her something warm and cozy.  
Sometimes I am so caught up in making things to keep my store stocked that I forget the importance of also making things for the people I love.  I know how much I love receiving  a handmade gift.
I have a quote up over my work area I am not sure who said it but I read it everyday:
    "Handmade things have an energy. I want to touch them, absorb what's fresh about them."
This is what I hope for my creations when I send them out in the world. 

And on that note,  the bowl that is shown here is one I just completed for another close friend. He is not only an amazing human being, he is a fabulous tattoo artist at Your Flesh Tattoo in Durango,CO.
Thanks Tom for being such a stellar person. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. 
On that note I will cease to wax nostalgic. 


The Cole Mine said...

Cool bowl!

Everyday Yogini said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me you were going public with a blog!!! I am so excited to read about your inspired craft adventures!

Give Seamus a big kiss... and keep one for yourself, too!