Thursday, April 3, 2008


It is snowing/raining here today. Luckily Graham took some product pictures for me yesterday when it was sunny and 60 degrees. Have I mentioned that I love the unpredictable spring weather we have here in Colorado? Hopefully he will have them to me today or tomorrow and I will get to show you what I have been up to!
I am taking the indoor time to knit up some custom orders. I am particularly excited about the cozies for these Stainless Steel Sippy Cups. They are going to be so cool I can't wait to go and buy Seamus his stainless steel sippy cups so I can make him some as well. Drop me a line if you are interested as well.
My last order of business: if you get a chance, Please go check out the three treasuries I have been featured in on Etsy! If you have an account, leave a comment. The more views and comments left, the more traffic a treasury gets. They are all gorgeous one has a Royal Purple theme, another is absolutely gorgeous in shades of Gray and Purple and the last one is called Cold Warm Hot Cool. They only stay up for a couple of days so don't delay! Thanks ~*


the knitrider said...

Thanks for the comment on my site! I love that overlook over the city, I know my house is in there somewhere too but I'm not sure exactly where!

I go to a sunday knit group if you are ever interested! It is a nice group because it is a pretty varied bunch and they are all fun!

If you are on ravelry, add me in!

The Cole Mine said...

Beautiful treasuries!

The royal purple bowl looks like it holds a solar system full of planets...So cool!