Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gratitude Day 8 & 9

Something really magical happened not long ago. I added a gal on to my friends on Ravelry (the knitting site) that lived here in town and I thought sounded pretty cool. She wrote me an e-mail about how we had so much in common i.e. knitting, kids the same age etc. and that we should hang out. So we went out on a blind knitting/drinks date. I am so grateful that she went out on a limb because I now have a wonderful new friend.
Dani owns Baby Cotton Bottoms where she sells cloth diapers and advocates for a world with less garbage and healthier baby butts. I used cloth diapers with Seamus for the first 2 years and loved it and actually lament that I did not continue. If there is a next time you will be sure I will go all the way.
Along with gaining my wonderful new friend Dani, we found out that her friend Molly is an acquaintance of mine: we had talked about getting together to get crafty together years ago and then never saw each other again. Dani reintroduced us and we have also become fast friends.
Here is her Blog.
So, I my gratitude for day 8&9 go to Dani and people like her who aren't afraid to say "hey you! Let's be friends!" I am so shy generally, I would have missed out big time on making 2 fast friends.

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Everyday Yogini said...

YEA! for new friends! I always feel so filled up when people want to be my friend (being another sort of introverted shy gal like yourself!).