Friday, June 6, 2008

Gratitude Days 6 & 7

Yesterday I was not on the computer much. It was my brother's birthday so Seamus and I went to spend some good quality time with him. Our gift to him was a premium geocaching membership so that he can log all the caches we find now when he goes hiking with us. My gratitude for day 6 is for my brother. Love you bro! So glad to have you around:-)

Which Brings me here to Day 7. We had a wonderful rainy cool day yesterday and my garden is rejoicing. The Roses are blooming, the peas and beans are climbing and my pumpkins are sprouting. I am so grateful for the rain and how it makes my garden look today. There is enough spinach for another salad tonight and I can already taste it. It is funny how I always tend to come back to the simple things but those are what keep us humble I think and remind us to stay connected to our surroundings.


Alpaca Granny said...

MMMMMM, I can just taste a spinach salad.

The Cole Mine said...

I think we need to grow spinach around here...Sounds so yummy. Our squash is beginning to sprout! Hooray!