Monday, June 2, 2008

Gratitude Day 2 & 3

Yesterday I wasn't able to get on the computer because Sundays tend to be all day homework marathons for the husband. So I will play a little catch-up today.
Yesterday I played catch-up too, but mine had to do with the piles of laundry and dust and dirt that needed to be dealt with in this house... can I say that I am grateful that we have a small house? :-) What I am really grateful for is that my garden is starting to produce and we had the most delicious spinach salad for lunch yesterday. I also picked a few young radishes and there was a small amount of lettuce but oh was it a treat too.
Today I woke up and checked my e-mail to find out that my cattail purse has finally sold. My Etsy store is doing better than I ever would have imagined! It is so amazing to think that my items are all over the country and the world now. I frequently need to remind myself that my little store is helping me to continue staying at home with my little guy and now it is actually helping me to pay off my college loans. I am very grateful for that and to everyone who has made it possible.

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The Cole Mine said...

Good for you Gretchen! This is great news!! As always, love the bowls...