Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ah Wind

Not much to say today. I worked for my dad who is recovering from rotator cuff surgery. He is a Land Surveyor. As his assistant I pound nails and stakes into the ground for him so that the buildings get built where they are supposed to and the curbs have enough angle so the water doesn't pool when it rains. Unfortunately, where we were in East Denver today the frost was deep and the wind was bitter. My arm is really sore and tomorrow I go back for more. I do get lots of knitting done on the drive though. I have a bunch of bowls that are ready to meet my washing machine- tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. There are some great colors in there that I am excited to expand my garden into so keep your eyes out for them ~*
In the meantime a fellow Etsyfast member, Merigreenleaf put together a lovely treasury of flowery fiber goodness and she put my Columbine bowl right in there. Thanks Meri!

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The Cole Mine said...

Can you felt different colors together at the same time?

Looking forward to seeing your finished products.