Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Progress is Relative

I am happy to report that I ran a felting wash yesterday that included a grand total of 7 bowls, 2 ring bowls and a coffee cozy. That is a lot of surface area for needle-felting. Unfortunately the camera is in my husbands car so I can't show you right now.
In the meantime, I am continuing to work on my ever so patient Mom's birthday present (her birthday was before Christmas) She asked for a wall-hanging with Cattails for her new office...which used to be my bedroom. No going back now I suppose. I bought some wonderful handmade felt on-line and am so happy with it I would like to do more hangings. Thanks Mom! My parents continue to me my biggest supporters in whatever creative endeavor I am going for.
On that note, it is time to go give my greatest creative endeavor some attention. He is ripping around the living room and laughing hysterically... that can't be good!
Thanks for checking in!

Oh I fogot! I just added a Bloglines button! Now you can really keep tabs on me ~*~


Everyday Yogini said...

A wall hanging??? I can't wait to see that! My new zen room might need a custom piece... finish soon so I can see it!! :)

Colorado Knitter said...

I want to see your new zen room! I guess I will just have to come and visit:-)